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An Accessible City

Access Everywhere ("Accessibility" layer in Google Maps)

We successfully pitched our "Access Everywhere" initiative to Google on May 16th and the following is the link to the video:

We're planning on holding an event to bring awareness to the issue that may include a hackathon, accessibility walk, and accessibility summit likely in the Fall. We'll be working with Google over the coming months leveraging their experimental technology to create... more »
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City of Calgary Mayor's Innovation Challenge

"Alexa, can I recycle this strawberry clamshell container?"

"Yes! You can, please add it to your recycle bin if it has a recycling symbol of 1-7" is the answer that Alexa would give in the very near future if City of Calgary will fund and help develop my very simple idea!

A 2019 black cart composition study for single and multi-family dwellings showed that 28% of the black cart content were compostable and 16% were recyclable. Unfortunately, a significant amount of waste that... more »


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