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Democratizing nature for a smart, healthy city

Equitable and resilient urban ecosystems lay at the foundation of a prosperous and smart city. Our program aims to use a spatial model to analyze Calgary’s neighbourhoods for equitable access to nature. Calgarians will be able to designate underserviced areas in their communities for ecosystem enhancement.

Why is this an ambitious idea?

Epidemiological studies indicate an association between green spaces and various physical and psychological health outcomes. By developing a systematic approach to protecting, developing and managing our urban ecosystem, we will create opportunities for Calgarians to benefit from the free services described in the health literature such as stress reduction; immune system regulation; cardiovascular health, etc.

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

100% of Calgarians will be within 400 metres of a meaningful nature experience. The City will have robust biodiversity models and datasets to support future ecosystem and development planning decisions.

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

Alberta health statistics and geospatial analyses will inform neighbourhood-level opportunity areas to reconnect Calgarians to nature. Communities will work with The City to implement, document and highlight biodiversity and nature enhancements within their neighbourhoods using apps supported by online datasets.


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Bridlewood Pond

Hello Calgary,

This idea has been in my head (and I have shared it with my colleagues and they love the idea too) and I am finally willing to share it. In Bridlewood, on the side of the 24th street, there is this huge greenspace that is completely empty except for a couple trees along the houses. The grass is basically dried out and it is just colorless and quite frankly, it is empty and just plain old boring. The field... more »


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City of Calgary Mayor's Innovation Challenge

Urban Rooftop art that doubles as mini bladeless windturbines Edited

Rooftops in Calgary are often underutilized. We have seen from the success of places such as the City Centre Parking lot roof art part called High Park, that these spaces can be optimized for better uses. One opportunity to step this up is to add in artwork that also serves through energy creation. Cities around the world are starting to use mini bladeless wind turbines as functional, educational pieces to create beauty... more »


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