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Phase 2 (Concluded) Log in and Rate the challenges: Mar 5-16

Liveability & Safety through Smart Connected Infrastructure

Intelligent Interconnected Infrastructure offers greater security and liveability during daily life or critical incidents like flooding, fire or intruder attacks. On-off automation, operations and monitoring systems control efficiency of water, electrical, gas, transportation and telecommunications so only limited city segments cease operations and needed resources are diverting elsewhere.

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Phase 2 (Concluded) Log in and Rate the challenges: Mar 5-16

Calgary Smart Energy Grid Netowrk

Calgary when looking to become a smart city needs to look at creating a network that can help us manage city systems and help deliver power and other services to the population. This network would need to be secure and run outside the regular consumer internet network.

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Centralized Mobile Application For Affordable Housing Initiative

Create a City of Calgary centralized mobile application that will improve the cities delivery of service our existing & new communities, it will address the major concerns of existing communities where affordable housing initiatives take place. This will be done by:
- Using a Community/Neighbourhood function to address security concerns like adding a Neighbourhood Watch reporting function to make it easy for everyone... more »


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