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Modular Zero-Energy Smart Homes

What if Calgary led the world in making affordable 'smart-homes'. Modular, attractive yet minimalist zero-energy 1 & 2 bedrooms units using upcycled materials wherever possible in existing under-utilized communities. Real-time monitoring for energy usage vs energy created & a vibrant marketplace for folks to sell excess energy back to the grid, enabling you to own your home outright sooner just by living better. If the... more »
Why is this an ambitious idea?

Most houses, especially affordable ones, look at sustainability at the end of a long list of other features. This effort should appeal to folks looking to be a part of the solution instead of the problem, which is a growing demographic worldwide. It's ambitious because it takes on the climate challenge head-on in one of the key battlegrounds: where we live.

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

Decrease in Calgary's overall CO2 output. Database of individual users & associated energy usage/output. Number of Calgarians living a lower-to-no carbon lifestyle & number of new, clean energy living units. Overall carbon footprint for users, neighbourhoods, communities & the city of Calgary moving in the right direction.

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

Zero-energy technology and realtime monitoring is critical for this effort to be successful. What if you could check an app on your phone and track where you are on your energy output that month? The more you get ahead the closer you are to paying off your mortgage? Can you compete with your neighbours? Can neighbourhoods compete against one another etc?


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