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C-Train safety

Instead of having a yellow line at the platform; replace it with a yellow bar or gate.


The bar or gate cannot move until the incoming train hits a sensor both incoming and exiting the station.


This could also be improvised to work in a way that people exit through one gate and people board through one gate, strategically placed at each door.

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C-Train ticket validation

During times when you're rushing to get the train it can be time consuming to find your tickets, quickly validate them in the machine, then continue to run for your train.

My idea, is to create a smaller version of the currently existing validation machine and have one in each carriage of the train. This way, passengers won't have to run as much during rush hours and tickets can be validated with easy once leaving fair... more »
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Paperless transit

Instead of having to go to the store to buy bus tickets and passes, I think Calgarians should have the option to download the bus pass or tickets to their smartphone.


The bus pass will have an expiration date and automatically expire when the date is reached. The tickets will also have a count down once one is clicked and shown.

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Make a reliable and functional alternative transportation system

While Calgary has dedicated significant resources to automobile transportation, any other way to get around our great city is a dismal failure, especially during our long winters. I would like to see a transit system that is dependable, comfortable, and doesn't break down on a daily basis, especially for predictable events, such as weather. I would like to see bicycle lanes that are contiguous and connected, and don't... more »
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Free wifi on Calgary Transit

City of Calgary cTrains and buses should offer free wifi. The amount of morning and afternoon commuters that would be checking work emails would contribute to the economy, it would encourage transit ridership and the City could use the channel to promote things such as transit apps, low income assistance programs, bus pass reminders, etc.

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C-Train Safety Mark2

During the times when you are either walking to get off of the platform or enter the platform you have to wait on a small portion of platform to let the train go by.

Although this area is clearly marked with signs and lights and bells to alert pedestrians of an on coming train it does not always stop them from getting hurt.

My idea is to have an arm barrier that comes down to stop pedestrians from going any further... more »
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Voter Experience

Voting Access for Everyone

A mobile voting bus (like a bookmobile) would make schedules stops at locations like nursing homes or hospitals to allow all people to vote without barriers. People can board the bus or request an election officer bring in the voting iPad so their vote counts. They could also be transit voting buses stationed at major transit terminals to help commuters vote.

(This idea is submitted on behalf of the participants of... more »
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A Vibrant, Safe Intersection

Stamp and Stomp - an all-ways crossing trending idea

Let's turn the intersection into an all-ways crosswalk. Also called a 'pedestrian scramble' it enables people to cross the intersection in every direction at the same time.
What's more, for that brief moment the intersection becomes a plaza that can be 'occupied' until the light changes.
To accomplish this, the surfacing could be changed to allow safe passage across the tracks and this opportunity could be used to think... more »
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Calgary Smart Energy Grid Netowrk

Calgary when looking to become a smart city needs to look at creating a network that can help us manage city systems and help deliver power and other services to the population. This network would need to be secure and run outside the regular consumer internet network.

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Better bus back doors

As I am a frequent transit user I have noticed many things about the buses etc.

One thing I've noticed more than others is people struggling to open the back door, for one reason or another.

My idea is that we change the current back doors to mirror those on the new trains. One button on one of the doors, one simple push and it opens, no holding a handle or waving to a sensor.

This will also come with a red light to... more »
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An Accessible City

Better pedestrian crosswalks

Controlled pedestrian crosswalks should be standardized across the city. That is, the lamps should be placed either on the north or south side of the street, and east or west side of the avenues.


For example, if I walk down 15 Ave SW from 8 St to 14 St, I use two controlled crosswalks. But one is on the south side (8 St) and the other is on the north (14 St).

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Beet ice and snow before Calgarians erupt

Beet 55 and Zeolite as snow and ice removers are a great innovation I first recall hearing about in the 1990's on a CTV news report about this idea by University of Colorado researchers.
I then followed up with my own research on this topic(not applied, but other reports os same). This idea then reverberated in my thinking since that time.
Due to the last few years of very unwalkable and slippery streets as senior... more »
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New Plaza at Plus 15 Level to connect New Library and City Hall

Maybe if they ever decide to put a plus 15 between city hall and the new library they could incorporate the idea of an extended green space or plaza or a performance or eating area. The area on the south side of the Municipal Building is in a sunny area above a long driveway to parking underground. People could then easily use the parking at City Hall and go to the Library by using this plaza then an architecturally... more »