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Something Smells Rotten... In Calgary

Read in the Metro News the other day about Trains, or Transit in the Far East about a new innovation in their systems, pleasant scents dispensed into the individual ridership cars to increase rider satisfaction.

Due to the current state of affairs, lack of good personal hygiene( a danger to others) and the lack of a public health system as part of the healthcare system that used to exist in Canada for the benefit of... more »

Efficient, Innovative & Better Every Day

In Support of bike lanes & the bicycle network of Calgary

Bike lanes and the bicycle network of Calgary has become an integral and innovative sector of city transportation. Cultivation of new ideas and investment in better ways of getting around town on a bike has been steadfast as changes in technology (e.g., folding bikes, 700C tires and fenders, E-bikes) and outdoor apparel continue to roll forward. We see from the bike count data obtained from counters at 25 locations (City... more »

An Accessible City

Replace feeder buses with self driving cars

Replace feeder buses with self driving cars to bring people to their nearest LRT station. Use path finding and realtime request monitoring to automate carpools to make self driving feeder vehicles more efficient. Leverage the high smart phone market penetration and low barrier to entry for mobile and web app development to create a multiplatform ride requesting application. Use built in GPS and location knowledge to... more »
Awaiting Assessments

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Cloverleaf Solar Panel

For major interchanges in Calgary that have a cloverleaf design, the space in between the cloverleaf off and on ramps is wasted space. I suggest that solar panels be inserted into this dead space which can be used to light the immediate surrounding area of that interchange in order to lower energy cost and consumption for the long term.

Efficient, Innovative & Better Every Day

Help Snow Plows Avoid Wind Rows

There is a company that manufactures and sells a gate that is attached to standard snow plows. When this attachment is secured to a standard snow plow, it helps (during plowing) guide the snow away from a driveway or side road -- thereby avoiding the creation of a "wind row". Many videos of this product are demonstrated on You Tube. Here is a name of a company I saw on You Tube: Ironex (Ken Sawchuk)

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MAKING MORE MONEY...City of Calgary & Reducing Carbon Footprint.

I have a product that will generate more financial income for The City of Calgary, especially the transit division and create additional long term employment for Calgarians first, Albertans and the whole of Canadian citizens everywhere there is active transportation system. It is a simple product that only requires less than 20 minutes procedure for installation, requires no batteries nor electricity to work, just install,... more »

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Save money and reduce our carbon foot print

With another tax upon us, the Carbon Tax, I have to ask does the City really want to help the citizens to save money and reduce our carbon foot print? I would like to see the City of Calgary help us do our part. Work on the ways cars are moving around the city. Some ideas for council which will not cost millions: After 10pm or later depending on the intersection, area or if it is a weekend, have the traffic division put... more »

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Using Augmented Reality to Reduce Infrastructure Footprint

The latest technological progress in the area of Augmented Reality (AR) inspired this idea. The idea may not be achievable in the near future or practical for that matter and it doesn't apply to the City of Calgary only.

Augmented reality allows overlaying computer graphics and annotations on the real world. Right now, "smart" glasses equipped with AR technology provides this experience. The technology has been used... more »

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De-bottlenecking the Deerfoot / Southland Dr. Interchange

Now that Lafarge Canada has moved out of their location at the end of Anderson Rd SE, a simple ramp off Deerfoot Tr. northbound to join the Anderson Rd & Bow Bottom Trail would eliminate the current bottleneck on Deerfoot Rd further north at the Southland exit.


This simple & inexpensive idea would greatly improve traffic flow on Deerfoot every morning rush hour, and make that intersection much safer.