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Anti-Racism Capacity Building Fund

Anti-Racism in Calgary's Non-Profit Organizations

Free online accessible training will be created and delivered to meet the specific needs of volunteers and employees of organizations in addressing racism in their organizations and daily lives.

Anti-racism is the practice of identifying, challenging, and changing the values, structures and behaviours that perpetuate systemic racism (Ontario Anti-Racism Secretariat). In first assessing the scope of knowledge and tools... more »


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City of Calgary Mayor's Innovation Challenge

Social Good Credit Grant Program

The SCG Program is an initiative that essentially offers communities a grant that can be used to fund community focussed green initiatives in return for community-led volunteer events that are centred on the environment and environmental stewardship. Once the community association and its volunteers complete an event they would receive the SCG and put it towards green initiatives in their community.

For example, the... more »


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Phase 2 (Concluded) Log in and Rate the challenges: Mar 5-16

The Network of Networks

When citizens need help from any number of public safety organizations, they can call 911. But when public safety organizations need help from citizens who can they call?

What will change for Calgarians if we solve this problem? (Measurable)

Calgary has proven multiple times – floods, fires, big events – to exemplify "roll up your sleeves and get involved" volunteerism. That can-do attitude will be supercharged if citizens could be more quickly, efficiently, and relevantly alerted, rallied, and tasked according to their capabilities, availabilities, and proximities. Enhancing community capacity complements valuable first responder resources, fosters civic engagement, and boosts overall city resilience.

How could we make it happen with technology or data? (Attainable)

For the past five years Calgary-based national nonprofit Missing Children Society of Canada has pioneered and piloted a mobile rapid-response network developed and maintained by Calgary-based ResilienceTech company RallyEngine, which also powers the University of Calgary's campus safety system and the Town of High River's community capacity initiative. The expertise and technology already exists locally and now needs to be showcased nationally.

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