An Accessible City

An Accessible City

"How might we make Calgary the most accessible city in the world?"

Note: This challenge is now closed to new ideas at this time.

In 2015, Council adopted a notice of motion stating that the City has an obligation to build and promote a city that is accessible to persons of all ages, abilities and incomes. Currently, almost 200,000 Calgarians over the age of 15 will be living with a disability. We challenge you to think broadly and creatively to come up with ideas beyond just improving mobility.

Challenge Champions: Katie Black (Director, Calgary Neighborhoods), Councillor Druh Farrell & The City of Calgary's Advisory Committee on Accessibility.

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An Accessible City

Better pedestrian crosswalks

Controlled pedestrian crosswalks should be standardized across the city. That is, the lamps should be placed either on the north or south side of the street, and east or west side of the avenues.


For example, if I walk down 15 Ave SW from 8 St to 14 St, I use two controlled crosswalks. But one is on the south side (8 St) and the other is on the north (14 St).

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