Voter Experience

Voter Experience

“How might we improve the voter experience so that the next Municipal election has the highest voter turnout in Calgary’s history?”

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In the 2013 municipal election, only 39.43% of eligible voters participated in the general election. This is compared to a turnout of 53.39% in the 2010 election. That means 2 out of 3 eligible voters did not cast a ballot. The City has piloted new ways of improving that experience like the Advance Vote Bus, but we are looking for other creative ways to engage more people in the future.

Challenge Champion: Sue Gray (Director, City Clerks)

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Voter Experience

Voting Access for Everyone

A mobile voting bus (like a bookmobile) would make schedules stops at locations like nursing homes or hospitals to allow all people to vote without barriers. People can board the bus or request an election officer bring in the voting iPad so their vote counts. They could also be transit voting buses stationed at major transit terminals to help commuters vote.

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