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Riverfront life

Calgary is blessed with 2 beautiful rivers running right through town. However ,unlike most other cities with similar natural assets, there is almost NO opportunity in Calgary to sit in a cafe, bar or restaurant on the waterfront. If you think about some of the great river cities in the world, they all make much better use of their water front for social and commercial purposes. Think about strolling from pub to pub... more »
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HEAT Loss Maps for Every House & Community in Calgary

PROBLEM: World Wide buildings consume over 40% of all created energy resources while wasting in excess of 50% of the energy used. On average, buildings emit 35% of all Canadian greenhouse gasses and 10% of airborne particulate matter, use 33% of Canada’s total energy production and consume 50% of Canada’s natural resources - of which the majority is used in space and water heating.

WHY WE CARE: It has be estimated that... more »
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Cloverleaf Solar Panel

For major interchanges in Calgary that have a cloverleaf design, the space in between the cloverleaf off and on ramps is wasted space. I suggest that solar panels be inserted into this dead space which can be used to light the immediate surrounding area of that interchange in order to lower energy cost and consumption for the long term.

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Help Snow Plows Avoid Wind Rows

There is a company that manufactures and sells a gate that is attached to standard snow plows. When this attachment is secured to a standard snow plow, it helps (during plowing) guide the snow away from a driveway or side road -- thereby avoiding the creation of a "wind row". Many videos of this product are demonstrated on You Tube. Here is a name of a company I saw on You Tube: Ironex (Ken Sawchuk)

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Cigarette Butt Recycling Program

Our city streets and communities are littered with cigarette butts. They are another form of waste in our society that could be collected, recycled or composted.

My idea is to create a cigarette butt recycling program that would encourage citizen to collect and recycle cigarette butts. Terracycle in Toronto already has a program to address this issue, but I think too few people know about it or are willing to ship and... more »
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Save money and reduce our carbon foot print

With another tax upon us, the Carbon Tax, I have to ask does the City really want to help the citizens to save money and reduce our carbon foot print? I would like to see the City of Calgary help us do our part. Work on the ways cars are moving around the city. Some ideas for council which will not cost millions: After 10pm or later depending on the intersection, area or if it is a weekend, have the traffic division put... more »
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City Light Electricity and App Network (CLEAN)

The City Light Electricity and App Network (CLEAN) is an initiative that consists of a number of technologies that already exist in some form (in the areas of solar and wind energy; digital sensors; motion-activated street lights, the Smart Grid; EV technology; and mapping apps), but brought together in an innovative way to improve the city in livability, sustainability and community. The idea won the 2015 TechniCity... more »
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Affordable Housing

I am writing to you today with an idea that has come from several different personal observations. I live in the community of (Winston Heights)Mountview and aside from a few years away, have basically lived here for the majority of my life. I recently renovated and moved into what was my childhood home, in the same community after selling my own home, also in the ‘hood. The community itself is undergoing considerable... more »
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Daylighting Creeks and urban wetlands

I'd like to see more natural stormwater management beyond just creating giant storm water ponds in new communities. I think the City needs to exploit natural streams and creeks that may have been undermined by construction in the past... It's happening everywhere else and creates a more resilient storm system. We need to bring water back into the city.

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Dump the Olympics, save the province with renewable energy.

Calgary should instead of investing in an Olympic bid, and a potential Olympics that will cost this city billions of dollars, partially subsidize the construction of an electric car factory, solar panel factory and wind mill factory. If we do this, the rest of Canada can buy Canadian made electric vehicles, Canadian made solar panels and Canadian made wind mills. Renewable energy will take over the world and Alberta... more »
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Using recycled plastic lumber instead of treated lumber

We manufacture plastic lumber out of post consumer plastic generated from recycling programs in Alberta. Unlike other recycled products our goal is to utilize less desirable items like plastic bags, Tide containers etc. These items tend to end up in the landfill as there is a very limited market for the product. We have decided to change that we manufacture linear lumber, fence posts and and parking curbs in effort to... more »