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One Business, One Number- CRA identifier

Currently, government programs use different means to identify business clients. This results in businesses having to use multiple identifiers when dealing with government. For instance, businesses are issued distinct identifiers when they register their business, open a workers’ compensation account, or obtain a liquor license.

The Common Business Number is a unique number already issued by the CRA to every Canadian... more »
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Cigarette Butt Recycling Program

Our city streets and communities are littered with cigarette butts. They are another form of waste in our society that could be collected, recycled or composted.

My idea is to create a cigarette butt recycling program that would encourage citizen to collect and recycle cigarette butts. Terracycle in Toronto already has a program to address this issue, but I think too few people know about it or are willing to ship and... more »
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CityPushpin is a customizable map-based online platform that gives residents and community members the opportunity to provide their opinion about a project/plan in their neighbourhood.
This platform provides the following features:
1. It is Online (so people can participate from the comfort of their homes/offices and it reduces the costs of workshops and public gatherings)
2. It can be customised (so from project to... more »
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No trolling

To get concensus about city led projects in a community, ask people to give you three words that best describe their vision for development in their community. Only three. Then use the most used terms as guiding principles. It cuts down on the negative comments and becomes a simple guide people can buy into.

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Mobile/ Regional /Inter-muni/ Inter-Community Business License

To operate a business in Alberta you are required to obtain a business license in the municipality you are working in. Each municipality’s license is set up in a different way. Some have resident and non-resident licenses; others have licenses broken down by business type. That is unless you own and operate your business in a region which has a Mobile Business License.

Inter-municipal business licenses are a low-cost... more »