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Free wifi on Calgary Transit

City of Calgary cTrains and buses should offer free wifi. The amount of morning and afternoon commuters that would be checking work emails would contribute to the economy, it would encourage transit ridership and the City could use the channel to promote things such as transit apps, low income assistance programs, bus pass reminders, etc.

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I have an idea for a much easier way to report municipal issues using a Mobile App.
Do you have a municipal issue to report? Did you fall into a pothole when driving this morning? Pick your smartphone and report it with three taps! The app provides an extremely easy channel to report municipal issues across city’s partner agencies on one common platform, without having to find out which agency is responsible for the... more »
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Urban Beach

There are several locations along the river in Calgary that would make great spots for urban sand beaches. This would provide Calgarians with a place to access the river and gather during the summer months.

Along the Eau Claire River Pathway just to the west of the Peace Bridge and helicoptor pad. This location is high enough to avoid future flooding, but close to the river and in a central location adjacent to downtown... more »