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Calgary Smart Mobile App that is easily customized and adapts.

Custom multilevel platform app with social Learning Management System, Facial recognition coupled with Visitor Management System plus Automation with the goals of ease of use by all city employees, accessibility to Calgary residents, and visitors to Calgary be they leisure or business. With feedback from the community, we can create and deliver customized & relevant functions, that promote a closer community and step... more »
What will change for Calgarians if we solve this problem? (Measurable)

"Reduce and/or eliminate waste so that savings can be diverted to other innovative ideas brought about by this challenge that address critical issues.
Easier contact between residents and their city council.
Timely release of critical information like storm warnings, census feedback, traffic hazards and security alerts in specified areas.
Create an efficient municipal across departments.
Improved security and a central location for residents to communicate their concerns with each other, which will provide a platform to suggest meaningful and mindful solutions towards reducing crime.
Council can save more on marketing, paper mail drops and external training programs.
Better analytics from more accurate user data, so our council will be able to deliver better services accordingly.
Better service delivery will attract more businesses and jobs to Calgary and we can continue to improve on other aspects that will exploit innovations to make Calgary the best city. "

How could we make it happen with technology or data? (Attainable)

"This mobile application can be updated and coupled with our custom CRM, LMS, Facial Recognition and Automation software tool to improve or compliment elements identified in the previous Zero Based Review plus evolve with the Calgary Community to put all residents, businesses and other stakeholders on the same track to make Calgary better.
The technology is customized to improve community engagements no matter where residents are in the world.
We can incorporate a system to improve city employee efficiency and satisfaction be easing the workload and letting the technology work for us.
The city can automate processes and create more efficient practices to reduce turnover times and monitor processes efficiently.
Local businesses and the City of Calgary can support community growth in innovative ways through the mobile application.
Improve community safety and wellbeing by linking systems with specified functions in departments like the Police, Fire and Municipal by-laws.
The platform will maintain its flexibility to integrate with other services so that Calgary grows as community where everyone can participate to keep it safe, clean and promote a positive experience.
More details are included in the attachment and the possibilities are limitless of how we can apply these technologies with existing and future technology and accurate data. "

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