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Street Parking

No matter the season, street parking can be a major pain, particularly to those who live in apartments or houses on those streets. In February alone, we had two snow route parking bans that resulted in nearly 5,000 parking tickets being issued. The only reason I knew about the ban is that I happened to be listening to the radio. Street parking can also be an issue in the spring when the city is doing street cleaning.... more »
What will change for Calgarians if we solve this problem? (Measurable)

If Calgarians knew about parking bans there would likely be a major decrease in the number of parking tickets being issued. Not to mention a decrease in vehicles being towed in cases such as street cleaning. In addition to knowing when you should and shouldn't be parking on the street, it would be beneficial to know when there are road closures due to marathons or parades.

How could we make it happen with technology or data? (Attainable)

Nearly everyone who owns a car will likely own a smartphone as well. We should invest in applications such as iTagTip, where their goal is to provide each individual personalized information, enabling them to make better decisions based off where they are. In regards to Calgary's street parking challenge, iTagTip could be used to inform the public of parking bans or street closures within their area. For example, people in Marda Loop will want to know of parking bans and road closures within their community, not the parking bans occurring in Sunridge.

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