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Every year the dream of hundreds of kids get frustrated by not having a chance to follow their passion and become a doctor in the city of Calgary. With limited spaces in the university, students are being discouraged even if they follow all the recommendations (volunteer hours, job related, academic excellence) As the city grows the demand for professional care does too. However, the school of medicine has not grown at... more »
What will change for Calgarians if we solve this problem? (Measurable)

We will be giving youth an opportunity to make their dreams come true and follow their passion. We will generate a bigger work force of locally trained doctors making a huge impact in the society.

How could we make it happen with technology or data? (Attainable)

We need to invest in building a bigger facility to study Medicine in Calgary to be able to offer more spots and opportunities for youth interested in the field. Students should be given any tools needed to ensure that they can continue their path.

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