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Consolidate, Densify, Invite, Entice, Grow

Consolidate - Find a low density/high vacancy section (existing infrastructure) OR new area of development of the Downtown core.
Densify - Rezone a few blocks including vacant commercial buildings into residential living
Invite - Invite smart city tech companies. Either: a) 1 or 2 large companies (i.e.Google - Sidewalk Labs) OR b) 5-6 small startups to use these commercial buildings and build an entire smart ecosystem... more »
Why is this an ambitious idea?

Not only are we aiming to revitalize the economy, but we are looking to regain that momentum from Amazon's bid and grab another large scale company. We NEED DENSITY in Calgary, we NEED TRAFFIC in Calgary. These are signs of a vibrant city when people are constantly moving across the city to do a variety of things and not just stuck in our low density suburbs. Bringing in a large company to integrate a smart city development in the Downtown core (using existing or new infrastructure) not only helps to create a more effective, efficient, smart city, but also boosts tech investment as other companies will see the larger company exploring new cities. This would be a great opportunity to integrate with the new Green Line as well.

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

Create a similar proposal to that of Amazon to lure a company/companies that are looking for a test site for their technology. Make sure to have a clause that they have to hire X amount of Full timers and X amount of interns. We will know if its effective if a technology company decides to come up and take the offer. If they do thats great and we can measure effectiveness more so when they hire Albertans (looking for work and students), when we see other companies being created or coming up to the tech district in Calgary, regain density downtown, and there is an increase in STEM applications at our post-secondary institutions. If people want to move back to Downtown, especially in this region, then we know it's working.

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

There are countless ideas that can be integrated with technology and data, but we need to have density to have Big chunks of Data to actually make it valuable. Technology is just an arm of what we want it to do, but we need people to collect data from. We can build the perfect "smart" city, but if there are no people ready to move in or that want to go there, there is no data to truly make it into a smart city. We need density, we need a technology district, we need diversification. This is a great opportunity to truly rebuild Calgary as a city of the future and bring in a technology company that is well-funded and well-established to help build a smart city ground up with Albertan employees and students and give people a reason to want to live, play, and spend more time in Downtown Calgary.


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