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PAAVAA for An Integrated City

A mobile application that connects people, that need and/or want services conveniently, to local, registered service providers. In the same method, it connects local service providers with customer requests immediatley and conveniently without registration fees or membership fees, and at a flat rate of $3.99 charged to service providers only once they secure a job through the application.

PAAVAA's mission is two-fold,... more »
Why is this an ambitious idea?

PAAVAA's primary purpose is to create a platform of entrepreneurs and local businesses that are easily accessible through a convenient, digital infrastructure.

The application fits well within the economic trend of using smartphones and mobile applications to get things done quickly and affordably. It also fits into the social trend of convenience, coupled with facilitations provided by technology: people are at home more than before and want quick solutions that are cheap and easy to use.

The market niche, of mobile applications, that PAAVAA currently operates within, is growing to become less niche and more widely adapted as a front or interface for many businesses. Further, the service leverages the fact that employment is becoming increasingly more competitive, and aims to capture people that want to start their own business (entrepreneurs) by providing them with a platform for operations and facilitation.

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

By the number of users on the application- both service providers and customers looking for services. The number of registered businesses is a testament to the number of people that have taken the risk of opening up businesses in Calgary, and that are looking to service the city and its inhabitants and visitors effectively and affordably.

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

Technology is the foundation for this idea and application; leveraging mobile connectivity to keep everyone connected and provide businesses and entrepreneurs with opportunities to demonstrate their professionalism, experience and customer service proactivity.


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