Phase 3 Share your ideas! (Completed) March 19 - April 2

Phase 3 Share your ideas! (Completed) March 19 - April 2

Calgary's challenge statement is:

"After one of the worst economic downturns, Calgary will revolutionize to become Canada's most resilient, inclusive and accessible community by increasing economic diversification to support our innovation ecosystem and partnering to integrate smart city technologies and data into affordable housing initiatives – creating more jobs and opportunities for all". 

Now is the time to share big, smart and ambitious ideas on how to make it a reality. Use your creative thinking, inclusive spirit and bold, innovative solutions to put this vision into action through connected technology and data. 

Note: this Phase of the challenge is now closed to new submissions

Find out more about Calgary's submission and how Calgary is a smart city at
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Phase 3 Share your ideas! (Completed) March 19 - April 2

Encouraging Affordable Housing

While building more houses creates more jobs and is awesome, we can further encourage more housing spaces by encouraging people to rent or share their spaces. We can be inspired by LA’s encourageable Share Pods system and create places like those for individuals or encourage others to rent their homes for cheap. There are plenty of houses in Calgary and often they have a lot of room in them. Here is a link expressing... more »


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