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Geospacial blockchain core container allocation

To ease home ownership acquisition and stability in light of increasing lifestyle and situational volatility, we have to address a number of key factors. Simply put: 1) individuals move around a lot 2) what they need changes 3) housing is expensive 4) law enforcement tracking through DMV registry is not adequate. My idea is to have a metal container home as a "core" that stays with an individual, and can be docked into... more »
Why is this an ambitious idea?

It requires co-operation from multiple directions. Municipality (with investment, zoning and bylaws), private technology companies (AI, blockchain, geospacial mapping), construction, architecture, social engineering, transportation, registry and even social assistance programs. Each component is relatively easy to comprehend, however the will to bridge the red tape, public vs private incentives, and get multiple people to work together... can be studied under mob psychology. In the right sociocultural environment there may be a convergent social identity that creates the right situation to bring these disciplines together. Same reason you don't have to separate people of opposing value systems when controlling a mob, because they temporarily function with a common behaviour and get along amongst each other. So the difficult times in Calgary may have a temporary galvanising effect, but the scope of co-operation is rather ambitious.

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?
  1. Does it get done
  2. Can costs and expected "cut of the profit" be kept in check
  3. Do people move in and report greater harmony and happiness
  4. Can we work together quickly enough to complete the task before another city does and gets world recognition
  5. Can the idea be exported around the world and keep some "city patented" or "local corporation patent" ideas that allow us to send teams to consult on the construction and maintain the software of some aspects of the system
  6. Can we create a new set of forward thinking laws that better integrate IOT tech into our 3D city space.
  7. Can we advance the narrow AI required to leverage the secondary targets (also an export)
  8. Can we build factories to either make the shipping container modules and the high tech that needs to be installed in them and on street corners or rooftops to pull the bigger picture together
How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

It can ONLY be done through technology and data.. or else you are building a dystopian favela.


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