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Smart City Connectivity – The 5G ready City by 2020

Our City will enable all actors to prosper and participate in the digital economy by integrating processes and municipal assets into the smart city planning processes. Designated zones for living labs will accelerate innovation and market development stimulating the local economy. Calgary will be a 5G ready city by 2020.

Why is this an ambitious idea?

Calgary's economy has been dependent on oil and gas resulting in fluctuations in economic prosperity. Calgary Economic Development is strengthening the diversity of Calgary's economy by attracting the technology industry. For technology industries to prosper they need rich connectivity and opportunities to innovate and municipalities can help accelerate that process. IoT, remote sensing, big data, autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles etc. are a growing industry dependent on pervasive connectivity. Today wireless carriers can take 12 - 24 months to gain access to specific assets for the deployment of wireless infrastructure. These barriers limit the growth of the connectivity ecosystem and thus slow the progress of technology development. By recognizing these barriers and working in collaboration with the wireless providers, streamlined processes can be developed that balances the needs of the municipalities and wireless providers.

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

Three wireless carriers will have access to over 50 sites (poles or facilities) to deploy wireless infrastructure - Small Cell (4G/5G) by 2020 with a streamlined process that takes no longer than 45 days for permitting. Accessible connectivity and living lab zones will drive technology talent to Calgary and set the foundation for new product and industry development in a variety of fields.

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

Through principles of ""inclusion"" and ""empowerment"" an environment whereby a variety of actors can equally participate will strengthen the digital ecosystem, resulting in new opportunities for the community to develop applications. A living lab is an example of this opportunity in action. When zones around the city have been identified as areas to test new technologies it accelerates product development.


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