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Centralized Mobile Application For Affordable Housing Initiative

Create a City of Calgary centralized mobile application that will improve the cities delivery of service our existing & new communities, it will address the major concerns of existing communities where affordable housing initiatives take place. This will be done by:
- Using a Community/Neighbourhood function to address security concerns like adding a Neighbourhood Watch reporting function to make it easy for everyone... more »
Why is this an ambitious idea?

It will streamline & cut costs in the affordable housing initiative process by:
- Focusing on smart phone use & going paperless using it to communicate directly with residents and key stakeholders to inform/bring motions forward, allow for voting and collect feedback in a timely manner.
- Use mobile phones as a tool to help assure communities that their security and safety needs won't be neglected, by adding a Neighbourhood Watch function, they have access to cameras and at the swipe of a button can share information with locals or the police depending on the nature of the concern. This ensures that more residents are aware of any criminal activity in their community and gives them a simple tool to participate more in the protection of their property.
- The application can help increase productivity in the council which will allow existing residents and new residents to get better service delivery.
- Learning Functions can be added to induct new residents via video and a quiz prior to moving into their new home and new residents can request to meet a local volunteer(s) or browse through the community board from their mobile phone so they can get familiarized by existing locals and find their own ways of getting involved in their new community.

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

- We can measure its effectiveness by running a comparison of the costs we can reduce or eliminate using the mobile applications functionalities as an alternative to existing systems and determining how best those savings can be put towards the affordable housing initiative.
We can use the mobile application to measure and determine the type of feedback we get from different communities concerning the different initiatives and this can help decision makers when it comes to addressing major concerns with such projects.
-The mobile applications will demonstrate its resilience, inclusive and accessibility for communities by providing a platform for other innovators in our ecosystem to bring forward more ideas and allow our city to partner with them so we can integrate more smart city technologies and data into affordable housing initiatives, we can continue to transform our communities creating more jobs and opportunities.
- If we take into account the satisfaction the existing residents feel during and after these initiatives and match it with the new residents via the mobile application, we can get a better sense of the needs that we met and the other needs we are yet to meet using this type of a platform.

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

The idea is easy to attain because we have technology already and its only a matter of engaging everyone our communities to determine what types of functions they will require for them to appreciate the platform.
- A workshop is always the first step to meeting with the existing communities and other stakeholders involved with the affordable housing initiative. We can then bring forward the critical questions that will help us determine exactly what we need to make the application successful for both the City of Calgary, its residents, the businesses and all our stakeholders.
- The process is simple and with the support of the city we can use this platform to create opportunities for us to exploit new technologies and detailed data to address issues related to the affordable housing initiative more effectively.


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