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One Stop Guide

One Stop Guide is a program that shows and carries out steps (when triggered by the user) to address Life's Challenges.

It is similar to Wikihow in the sense that it provides steps to address challenges, but different in that it addresses specific challenges (e.g. How to get Car back if it were towed in Calgary) and streamlines the resolution process by incorporating features that can be carried out on a smartphone.... more »
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HEAT Loss Maps for Every House & Community in Calgary

PROBLEM: World Wide buildings consume over 40% of all created energy resources while wasting in excess of 50% of the energy used. On average, buildings emit 35% of all Canadian greenhouse gasses and 10% of airborne particulate matter, use 33% of Canada’s total energy production and consume 50% of Canada’s natural resources - of which the majority is used in space and water heating.

WHY WE CARE: It has be estimated that... more »
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Calgary Transit Idea: Transit Card Passes & Fares

The change with Calgary Transit Passes to Card passes is to reduce the monthly fee payment among transit riders and citizens of the costly transit passes that are very close to reaching $100 per pass. The simple way we can reduce the cost of passes and fares is to replace them with new Card Passes and Fares.
Card Passes and Fares will replace a the majority of the paper pass and fare, the costly price of the monthly... more »
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Recently moved into a neighborhood that is SO WINDY - even a small breeze feels like storm force winds and a neighbor who has lived there for most of his life says it's because of all of the new high rise homes and condos being developed there and that it wasn't as windy when all of the houses were the same height with yards between them. I look up and down our street and see all the new houses and they are like walls... more »
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De-bottlenecking the Deerfoot / Southland Dr. Interchange

Now that Lafarge Canada has moved out of their location at the end of Anderson Rd SE, a simple ramp off Deerfoot Tr. northbound to join the Anderson Rd & Bow Bottom Trail would eliminate the current bottleneck on Deerfoot Rd further north at the Southland exit.


This simple & inexpensive idea would greatly improve traffic flow on Deerfoot every morning rush hour, and make that intersection much safer.

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The Key of Solving Traffic Delay in Rush HR on Deerfoot NE

In afternoon rush hour time, traffic northbound Deerfoot roughly between 32nd Av and Beddington Tr is always incredible busy. That is probably caused by the heavy traffic volume attempting to merge into Deerfoot Tr via 32, McKnight, and 64 exits. Following the expansion of the city and growth of Airdrie, Crossfield, etc, more and more people are living in the far north side of the city who are going to take Deerfoot or... more »
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Plastic Recycling Machine

To Whom It May Concern:

Recently I was sent an email regarding a plastic recycling machine developed in Japan. On checking a little further, it was noted that the machine cost approximately $200,000. I wondered if you or any of the council members or appropriate city staff in the recycling division were aware of this machine and whether it or a larger version of it would be feasible for use here in Calgary. I will... more »
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I contacted the City asking to consider 2 way electrical escalators in all old and future train stations like other midern city in the world. The response was poor and incomplete. I replied and never received response. Look my las email:
... ​Hi thank you for your reply and understanding with my request. However your explanation about calgary weather exposure and maintainability is not satisfactory and extremely narrow.... more »
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City image

Hello. First need to thank the City of Calgary for service. Also we are all must appreciate the City to have a privacy with the fences. Many cities does not permit to have any fences.
Before to explain about our idea - project want to ask. When last time did you look at Calgary from the back alleys and how do you like if see the ugly fences ?
Any improvement what the City will give us will be in the city properties.... more »
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Change to "Land Use Bylaw Amendment" signage

The "Land Use Bylaw Amendment" signs that are put up to notify the public about proposed changes are uninformative.

Take, for example, the one in the attached photo. This sign is notifying that the bylaw is changing from "DC, S-R" to "DC/S-R". This is incomprehensible to anyone outside of City Hall. You shouldn't need to be a Councilperson to be able to read the sign.

I propose that the city include a "lay language"... more »
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Orcan Solutions

We provide unique organic EPA approved cleaning products that can replace other cleaners, solvents and process chemicals from the work place. Improving Safety, Extending Equipment life and Reducing Operating Costs. We do this by reviewing your site chemical applications and potentially propose New Safer Choice Formulation Technology and Alternatives.

The Benefits of this include Allergen Reduction, Cleaning... more »
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Bridlewood Pond

Hello Calgary,

This idea has been in my head (and I have shared it with my colleagues and they love the idea too) and I am finally willing to share it. In Bridlewood, on the side of the 24th street, there is this huge greenspace that is completely empty except for a couple trees along the houses. The grass is basically dried out and it is just colorless and quite frankly, it is empty and just plain old boring. The field... more »
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Less Water the Footprint of a Greener Futu

Since 1960, Manderley has been creating beautiful, sustainable lawns for homeowners, builders, municipalities, commercial developers. We have provided excellent products, prompt delivery and superb service and offering a 100% risk free quality guarantee. Manderley was instrumental in establishing and organizing the sod industry in Canada and to this day remains at the forefront as a respected leader in pioneering new... more »
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I have an idea for a much easier way to report municipal issues using a Mobile App.
Do you have a municipal issue to report? Did you fall into a pothole when driving this morning? Pick your smartphone and report it with three taps! The app provides an extremely easy channel to report municipal issues across city’s partner agencies on one common platform, without having to find out which agency is responsible for the... more »