Storm Pond Sediment

Storm Pond Sediment

"What ideas or solutions might the City of Calgary, industry partners and communities explore to reduce cleaning and disposal costs associated with stormwater ponds?"

Calgary has over 130 stormwater ponds that provide an invaluable service to Calgary's communities. The ponds absorb stormwater run-off during rain events and help to mitigate flooding risks from storms and prevent sediments from flowing into Calgary's creeks and rivers. Over time stormwater ponds fill up with sediment that is costly to remove and there is no current use for the material.

Challenge Champion: Francois Bouchart (Manager, Infrastructure Planning)


Storm Pond Sediment

Re-use the sediment as topsoil

The sediment is generally rich in organics. It can be reused as top soil to grow plants. However, the soil needs to be tested. The sediments collected in storm ponds from the newly constructed house is basically loose soil drained by rain water. This kind of sediment is generally rich in organics. Sedimentation of storm pond cannot be totally eliminated since rain water will always carry loose soil. If the storm ponds... more »


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