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Opt-in bin collection programs (black, blue, green)

Forcing homeowners to pay for bin collection they don't use is a waste of time and money. Many Calgarians are capable of disposing their own garbage, recyclables and compost, and shouldn't be forced to pay into a subscription service they don't use. Naturally, any combination (or all) of these programs should continue to be available for any homeowner who wishes to opt-in.

This change will reduce the amount of street... more »
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Restructuring our waste removal system to save us $$$

I believe the following collective actions will improve the city's efficiency and cost-effectiveness for waste removal:
a. Get rid of the bins. Yes, the black, blue, and green bins. Not only will this save resident’s money when these bins need to be replaced, but they will also discourage residents (or passer-by’s) from carelessly placing waste/organic/recyclables into the inappropriate bins because it is not a monitored... more »
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non smoking lines

hello I have a great idea on what to do on the smoking areas outside of all of Calgary businesses. my idea is to paint a curved line ( yellow ) around every business entrance to indicate where smoking can be done without seeming rude. the sign on the door would say: "If you have to smoke, please stand beyond the yoke (yellow line)" this is self explanatory and with the word "please" makes the law not seem so demanding.... more »
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Decorate the Giant Blue Ring

So, quite a few people hate the ring on Airport Trail & Deerfoot. Mostly because it is very boring and plain and seems to have no meaning behind it. For the more art-inclined a detailed concept behind it is explained here, www.calgary.ca/CSPS/Recreation/Pages/Public-Art/96-Avenue-NE.aspx however I doubt most of the haters care about that. My idea is to spruce it up through the course of the year. For Christmas The City... more »
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Open Sheppard Landfill on the weekends at least one day!

I would say the majority of people work M-F 8-5pm. Why is our Sheppard Landlfill now closed to the public Sat-Tue? This doesn't make any sense. How are we supposed to get to the Landfill if we have garbage that is too much for our bins? I am all about not dumping it in back lanes or in private dumpsters, but what are our choices?

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Downtown Smoke Free Zone

Create a smoke free area downtown, along Stephen avenue including outside City Hall.

Outdoor patios would become far more enjoyable for socializing and dining.

This has been done in other cities like Brisbane Australia, where it has improved the atmosphere remarkably.

Improves health, image, and makes the area more family friendly.

Reduces trash, irritatating air pollution, defacement of buildings.

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One window service for inner city home builders

There are currently a multitude of administratively onerous procedures a builder must go through to redevelop properties in the inner city neighbourhoods. The interaction between builder and City has become increasingly cumbersome as the number and variety of fees, charges and permits has increased significantly. In the view of this builder, the City isn't aware of how it acts very much as a series of 'silos' where... more »
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Yellow lights flashes faster and faster until solid

You are approaching a green light going the speed limit, yellow comes on while green is still on. Cars closer to light know they have five seconds to a solid yellow and six to a red and do not have to jam on the breaks due to a quick yellow. Those further back can better gauge if they will make the light or not. Benefits are less fuel emissions, less break wear, greater safety at lights. Aggressive driving to beat the... more »
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Calgary Entrepreneur Competition

Calgary Entrepreneurs Competition for planting the seed of entrepreneurship at an early age and opportunity for entrepreneurs ideas to success or to have a chance , The Competition based on encouraging and facilitating the delivery of the idea of business and the business of the future among people by providing real business environment and integrated to ensure the graduation of generations of entrepreneurs capable... more »
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The Dollar Coffee & Tea ( C-Train)

The Dollar Coffee & Tea (TDCT) is a specialty beverage retailer. TDCT uses a system that is new to the beverage and food service industry to provide hot and cold beverages in a convenient and time-efficient way. TDCT provides its customers the ability to order their choice of a freshly brewed coffee & Tea, or other beverage. TDCT is offering a high-quality low cost option to consumers using public transportation (C-Train).... more »
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Better bus back doors

As I am a frequent transit user I have noticed many things about the buses etc.

One thing I've noticed more than others is people struggling to open the back door, for one reason or another.

My idea is that we change the current back doors to mirror those on the new trains. One button on one of the doors, one simple push and it opens, no holding a handle or waving to a sensor.

This will also come with a red light to... more »
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Affordable Housing trending idea

I am writing to you today with an idea that has come from several different personal observations. I live in the community of (Winston Heights)Mountview and aside from a few years away, have basically lived here for the majority of my life. I recently renovated and moved into what was my childhood home, in the same community after selling my own home, also in the ‘hood. The community itself is undergoing considerable... more »