Phase 1 (Concluded) Submit your challenge statement: Feb 20 - Mar 5

Phase 1 (Concluded) Submit your challenge statement: Feb 20 - Mar 5

Note: The submisssions have been moved to Phase 2. - log in and rate the Challenge Statements!

"What could make our great city even better?"

Help form Calgary's submission for Canada's Smart Cities Challenge.

With a focus on economic opportunity and/or empowerment and inclusion, what would your 50 word challenge statement be? Statements need to be measurable, ambitious, and achievable - tell us yours!

Find out more about Calgary's submission and how Calgary is smart city at

What does a challenge statement look like? The federal government has provided these examples as challenge statements addressing:

Economic opportunity: "After years of decline, our community will transform a former industrial neighbourhood into one of the top locations in Canada for economic growth."

Empowerment and inclusion: "Our community will ensure that every person without a home has access to nightly shelter, and will connect 100 percent of vulnerable residents with the services, activities and programs that are known to reduce the risk of homelessness."

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