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C-Train ticket validation

During times when you're rushing to get the train it can be time consuming to find your tickets, quickly validate them in the machine, then continue to run for your train.

My idea, is to create a smaller version of the currently existing validation machine and have one in each carriage of the train. This way, passengers won't have to run as much during rush hours and tickets can be validated with easy once leaving fair... more »
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Marlborough Plaza

Due to the recent closing of many stores in Marlborough Mall closing down for one reason or another, I have had an idea on how to better it.

Instead of closing the mall entirely; I suggest building an apartment building on top of the current building.

I feel this will draw a lot of attention to the Marlborough area, the currently existing Walmart will have more customers than ever before due to the new apartment building... more »
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Paperless transit

Instead of having to go to the store to buy bus tickets and passes, I think Calgarians should have the option to download the bus pass or tickets to their smartphone.


The bus pass will have an expiration date and automatically expire when the date is reached. The tickets will also have a count down once one is clicked and shown.

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C-Train safety

Instead of having a yellow line at the platform; replace it with a yellow bar or gate.


The bar or gate cannot move until the incoming train hits a sensor both incoming and exiting the station.


This could also be improvised to work in a way that people exit through one gate and people board through one gate, strategically placed at each door.

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Free wifi on Calgary Transit

City of Calgary cTrains and buses should offer free wifi. The amount of morning and afternoon commuters that would be checking work emails would contribute to the economy, it would encourage transit ridership and the City could use the channel to promote things such as transit apps, low income assistance programs, bus pass reminders, etc.

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Marlborough Mall reno

Adding onto my previous submission called Marlborough Plaza, I had a few ideas for a renovation of the existing mall to keep and create jobs also to make and save money.

I definitely think the mall needs a day care; this will be perfect for customers to start and hopefully once the condo building is built on top the day care can be used by the tenants possibly by a low cost registration - monthly or annual option.

I... more »
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C-Train Safety Mark2

During the times when you are either walking to get off of the platform or enter the platform you have to wait on a small portion of platform to let the train go by.

Although this area is clearly marked with signs and lights and bells to alert pedestrians of an on coming train it does not always stop them from getting hurt.

My idea is to have an arm barrier that comes down to stop pedestrians from going any further... more »
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Decorate the Giant Blue Ring

So, quite a few people hate the ring on Airport Trail & Deerfoot. Mostly because it is very boring and plain and seems to have no meaning behind it. For the more art-inclined a detailed concept behind it is explained here, www.calgary.ca/CSPS/Recreation/Pages/Public-Art/96-Avenue-NE.aspx however I doubt most of the haters care about that. My idea is to spruce it up through the course of the year. For Christmas The City... more »
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I have an idea for a much easier way to report municipal issues using a Mobile App.
Do you have a municipal issue to report? Did you fall into a pothole when driving this morning? Pick your smartphone and report it with three taps! The app provides an extremely easy channel to report municipal issues across city’s partner agencies on one common platform, without having to find out which agency is responsible for the... more »
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Riverfront life

Calgary is blessed with 2 beautiful rivers running right through town. However ,unlike most other cities with similar natural assets, there is almost NO opportunity in Calgary to sit in a cafe, bar or restaurant on the waterfront. If you think about some of the great river cities in the world, they all make much better use of their water front for social and commercial purposes. Think about strolling from pub to pub... more »
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Urban Beach

There are several locations along the river in Calgary that would make great spots for urban sand beaches. This would provide Calgarians with a place to access the river and gather during the summer months.

Along the Eau Claire River Pathway just to the west of the Peace Bridge and helicoptor pad. This location is high enough to avoid future flooding, but close to the river and in a central location adjacent to downtown... more »
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One Stop Guide

One Stop Guide is a program that shows and carries out steps (when triggered by the user) to address Life's Challenges.

It is similar to Wikihow in the sense that it provides steps to address challenges, but different in that it addresses specific challenges (e.g. How to get Car back if it were towed in Calgary) and streamlines the resolution process by incorporating features that can be carried out on a smartphone.... more »
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One Business, One Number- CRA identifier

Currently, government programs use different means to identify business clients. This results in businesses having to use multiple identifiers when dealing with government. For instance, businesses are issued distinct identifiers when they register their business, open a workers’ compensation account, or obtain a liquor license.

The Common Business Number is a unique number already issued by the CRA to every Canadian... more »
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"The Ministry of Silly Walking" crosswalk and plus 15 initiative

Increasing concerns over public sedentary behavior can be disconcerting. With ergonomic workplaces becoming the new norm for the next generation, how do we integrate this new culture of wellness into our community as efficiently as possible? If we create initiatives surrounding the kinds of movements with higher barriers to entry (silly walking), that when engagement does occur the novelty and experience may have the... more »
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Downtown Smoke Free Zone

Create a smoke free area downtown, along Stephen avenue including outside City Hall.

Outdoor patios would become far more enjoyable for socializing and dining.

This has been done in other cities like Brisbane Australia, where it has improved the atmosphere remarkably.

Improves health, image, and makes the area more family friendly.

Reduces trash, irritatating air pollution, defacement of buildings.