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Dump the Olympics, save the province with renewable energy.

Calgary should instead of investing in an Olympic bid, and a potential Olympics that will cost this city billions of dollars, partially subsidize the construction of an electric car factory, solar panel factory and wind mill factory. If we do this, the rest of Canada can buy Canadian made electric vehicles, Canadian made solar panels and Canadian made wind mills. Renewable energy will take over the world and Alberta... more »
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Save money and reduce our carbon foot print

With another tax upon us, the Carbon Tax, I have to ask does the City really want to help the citizens to save money and reduce our carbon foot print? I would like to see the City of Calgary help us do our part. Work on the ways cars are moving around the city. Some ideas for council which will not cost millions: After 10pm or later depending on the intersection, area or if it is a weekend, have the traffic division put... more »
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Something Smells Rotten... In Calgary

Read in the Metro News the other day about Trains, or Transit in the Far East about a new innovation in their systems, pleasant scents dispensed into the individual ridership cars to increase rider satisfaction.

Due to the current state of affairs, lack of good personal hygiene( a danger to others) and the lack of a public health system as part of the healthcare system that used to exist in Canada for the benefit of... more »
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MAKING MORE MONEY...City of Calgary & Reducing Carbon Footprint.

I have a product that will generate more financial income for The City of Calgary, especially the transit division and create additional long term employment for Calgarians first, Albertans and the whole of Canadian citizens everywhere there is active transportation system. It is a simple product that only requires less than 20 minutes procedure for installation, requires no batteries nor electricity to work, just install,... more »
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Using recycled plastic lumber instead of treated lumber

We manufacture plastic lumber out of post consumer plastic generated from recycling programs in Alberta. Unlike other recycled products our goal is to utilize less desirable items like plastic bags, Tide containers etc. These items tend to end up in the landfill as there is a very limited market for the product. We have decided to change that we manufacture linear lumber, fence posts and and parking curbs in effort to... more »
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The Dollar Coffee & Tea ( C-Train)

The Dollar Coffee & Tea (TDCT) is a specialty beverage retailer. TDCT uses a system that is new to the beverage and food service industry to provide hot and cold beverages in a convenient and time-efficient way. TDCT provides its customers the ability to order their choice of a freshly brewed coffee & Tea, or other beverage. TDCT is offering a high-quality low cost option to consumers using public transportation (C-Train).... more »
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Calgary Entrepreneur Competition

Calgary Entrepreneurs Competition for planting the seed of entrepreneurship at an early age and opportunity for entrepreneurs ideas to success or to have a chance , The Competition based on encouraging and facilitating the delivery of the idea of business and the business of the future among people by providing real business environment and integrated to ensure the graduation of generations of entrepreneurs capable... more »
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One window service for inner city home builders

There are currently a multitude of administratively onerous procedures a builder must go through to redevelop properties in the inner city neighbourhoods. The interaction between builder and City has become increasingly cumbersome as the number and variety of fees, charges and permits has increased significantly. In the view of this builder, the City isn't aware of how it acts very much as a series of 'silos' where... more »
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non smoking lines

hello I have a great idea on what to do on the smoking areas outside of all of Calgary businesses. my idea is to paint a curved line ( yellow ) around every business entrance to indicate where smoking can be done without seeming rude. the sign on the door would say: "If you have to smoke, please stand beyond the yoke (yellow line)" this is self explanatory and with the word "please" makes the law not seem so demanding.... more »
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Less Water the Footprint of a Greener Futu

Since 1960, Manderley has been creating beautiful, sustainable lawns for homeowners, builders, municipalities, commercial developers. We have provided excellent products, prompt delivery and superb service and offering a 100% risk free quality guarantee. Manderley was instrumental in establishing and organizing the sod industry in Canada and to this day remains at the forefront as a respected leader in pioneering new... more »
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Change to "Land Use Bylaw Amendment" signage

The "Land Use Bylaw Amendment" signs that are put up to notify the public about proposed changes are uninformative.

Take, for example, the one in the attached photo. This sign is notifying that the bylaw is changing from "DC, S-R" to "DC/S-R". This is incomprehensible to anyone outside of City Hall. You shouldn't need to be a Councilperson to be able to read the sign.

I propose that the city include a "lay language"... more »
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City image

Hello. First need to thank the City of Calgary for service. Also we are all must appreciate the City to have a privacy with the fences. Many cities does not permit to have any fences.
Before to explain about our idea - project want to ask. When last time did you look at Calgary from the back alleys and how do you like if see the ugly fences ?
Any improvement what the City will give us will be in the city properties.... more »
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I contacted the City asking to consider 2 way electrical escalators in all old and future train stations like other midern city in the world. The response was poor and incomplete. I replied and never received response. Look my las email:
... ​Hi thank you for your reply and understanding with my request. However your explanation about calgary weather exposure and maintainability is not satisfactory and extremely narrow.... more »
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Plastic Recycling Machine

To Whom It May Concern:

Recently I was sent an email regarding a plastic recycling machine developed in Japan. On checking a little further, it was noted that the machine cost approximately $200,000. I wondered if you or any of the council members or appropriate city staff in the recycling division were aware of this machine and whether it or a larger version of it would be feasible for use here in Calgary. I will... more »