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Past Challenges

Mayor's Innovation Challenge

How might we advance innovative energy solutions on the path to net zero in order to achieve economic, social and environmental resilience?

The transition to a cleaner, prosperous economy needs to be both an immediate priority and a sustained effort over the years and decades ahead. This important transition is why Canada has set a net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions target by 2050. One way to meet Canada's long-term and interim goals is for municipalities to keep innovating, strengthening, and building on existing measures. We want Calgary to be a magnet for new talent and to leverage our existing talent to become a world leader in advancing innovative energy solutions, and we want to establish The City of Calgary as a collaborative partner in achieving those goals. The Mayor's Innovation Challenge invites creative thinkers across all walks of life to identify how The City of Calgary can advance policies, new processes, and technologies to generate opportunity while contributing to Canada's climate goals.

Challenge Champion: Mayor Naheed Nenshi

Find out more at calgary.ca/mayorschallenge

Smart Cities Challenge Phase 3

How might we integrate smart city technologies and data to become Canada's most resilient, inclusive and accessible community?

Find out more at calgary.ca/smartcity .

Voter Experience

How might we improve the voter experience so that the next Municipal election has the highest voter turnout in Calgary's history?

In the 2013 municipal election, 2 out of 3 eligible voters did not cast a ballot. The City has piloted new ways of improving that experience like the Advance Vote Bus, but we are looking for other creative ways to engage more people in the future.

Challenge Champion: Sue Gray (Director, City Clerks)

An Accessible City

How might we make Calgary the most accessible city in the world?

In 2015, Council adopted a notice of motion stating that The City has an obligation to build and promote a city that is accessible to persons of all ages, abilities and incomes. We challenge you to think broadly and creatively to come up with ideas beyond just improving mobility.

Challenge Champions: Katie Black (Director, Calgary Neighborhoods), Councillor Druh Farrell & The City of Calgary's Advisory Committee on Accessibility.

Commercial-ready stream

Zs2 Technologies for their submission on using wastewater to develop a more sustainable type of cement.

Pre-commercial / startup stream

Marlon Norona and Matthieu Trudell / SAIT for their submission on developing a vanadium redox battery to help stabilize our energy grid.

City policy and planning stream

Claire Beckstead for her submission on developing a Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Building Standard in The City of Calgary

The SolFood Project

Scott Langill

Problem:Be it destructive hailstorms, as witnessed over the summer of 2020, or the extreme heat and drought which the prairie provinces are contend...

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Mayor Nenshi

Calgary is a city full of innovators, and now is the time for you to roll up your sleeves and bring that innovative thinking into local government.

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