What is a 'Challenge'?

A Challenge is an opportunity - it represents a theme, topic, or area of focus that needs your ideas to solve an existing problem or identify new ways of working.

No one person knows all the answers. Challenges are an opportunity to work together to share your ideas, discuss and enrich the ideas shared by others, and participate as we learn from the ideas and find ways to put them into action.

Our Commitment

Civic Innovation YYC will support and progress the development of great ideas that come from citizens, businesses and City employees to improve civic services. We are committing to work with idea submitters to test at least three of the top ideas* submitted for each challenge on this platform.

* The final ranking of top ideas is determined in a two stage process – first by popular vote, and second through the evaluation by the Civic Innovation Internal Advisory and the Challenge Champion.

Check out the About page for more information on what happens when an idea is received.

Current Topics

Challenges have a beginning and an end. At any given time we’ll have a handful of challenges, and new ones will be added on an ongoing basis.

Here are the areas where City leaders are currently seeking new ideas:

Efficient, Innovative & Better Every Day

"What is your #1 idea for improving city services? How could they be more simple, efficient or innovative?"Are you ready to roll up your sleeves to make this city even more amazing? If so, this is the place to start. Share your solutions that could help us cut red tape and make government more innovative and efficient. We are committed to making life better every day but we need your help to make it happen.Challenge Champions: Civic Innovation YYC Share Your Idea!

An Accessible City

“How might we make Calgary the most accessible city in the world?”Note: This challenge is now closed to new ideas at this time. Selected ideas are moving forward for further development and are still open for comments.In 2015, Council adopted a notice of motion stating that the City has an obligation to build and promote a city that is accessible to persons of all ages, abilities and incomes. Currently, almost 200,000 Calgarians over the age of 15 will be living with a disability. We challenge you to think broadly and creatively to come up with ideas beyond just improving mobility. Challenge Champions: Katie Black (Director, Calgary Neighborhoods), Councillor Druh Farrell & The City of Calgary's Advisory Committee on Accessibility. Share Your Idea! -->

Storm Pond Sediment

“What ideas or solutions might the City of Calgary, industry partners and communities explore to reduce cleaning and disposal costs associated with stormwater ponds?”Calgary has over 130 stormwater ponds that provide an invaluable service to Calgary’s communities. The ponds absorb stormwater run-off during rain events and help to mitigate flooding risks from storms and prevent sediments from flowing into Calgary’s creeks and rivers. Over time stormwater ponds fill up with sediment that is costly to remove and there is no current use for the material.Challenge Champion: Francois Bouchart (Manager, Infrastructure Planning)

Be bold, be creative and innovate with us!
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