What is a 'Challenge'?

A challenge is an opportunity - it represents a theme, topic, or area of focus that needs your help to solve an existing problem or identify new ways of working.

Current Topics

We are currently looking for your ideas on the following topics:

Phase 1 Submit your challenge statement: Feb 20 - Mar 5

"What could make our great city even better?"Help form Calgary's submission for Canada's Smart Cities Challenge.With a focus on economic opportunity and/or empowerment and inclusion, what would your 50 word challenge statement be? Statements need to be measurable, ambitious, and achievable - tell us yours!What does a challenge statement look like? The federal government has provided these examples as challenge statements addressing:Economic opportunity: "After years of decline, our community will transform a former industrial neighbourhood into one of the top locations in Canada for economic growth." Empowerment and inclusion: "Our community will ensure that every person without a home has access to nightly shelter, and will connect 100 percent of vulnerable residents with the services,...

Phase 2 (Coming soon) Rate the challenges: Mar 5-16

Which challenge statement do you think could have the biggest impact on Calgarians? Which ones are the most measurable? The most achievable?"This is your chance to participate in rating the vision statements received. Your ratings and conversations generated by this group will be used by The City of Calgary in partnership with our Smart City Community Team to inform the development of our final challenge statement for Phase 3.

Phase 3 (Coming soon) Share your ideas! Mar 19-Apr 2

Here is Calgary's Challenge Statement for our submission! Now is the time to share big, smart and ambitious ideas on how to make it a reality. Use your creative thinking, inclusive spirit and bold “out of the box” solutions to put this vision into action. 

Phase 4 (Coming soon) Application Submitted! Apr 24

Thank you for helping us make Calgary even better with smart solutions. Here is the challenge statement and submission based on the challenges and solutions you proposed.